How To Identify Nebraska Roof Leaks & Other Problems

Nebraska Roof Leak Repair

Every Nebraska roof will eventually degrade to the point that it starts to leak if it never gets any attention for repairs or inspections that lead to repairs.

While the longest lasting roofing materials of course last decades, like the metal roof, when it finally does start to get old it will leak unless repaired.

Metal roofing materials are so durable it's hard to believe, but indeed they can last the lifetime of your home or longer. Many Nebraska homeowners use asphalt shingles because they're less expensive up-front.

No matter the roofing choices, there can still be problems whether it's due to the installation, improper repairs, or the materials themselves.

Pankonin Roofing Inc. offers expert roof inspections and wants to help Nebraska customers find problems with their roofs before they wind up being more destructive to the home. Here are some tips from our expert roofers on ways to identify roof leaks and other problems.

Not All Roofing Leaks Are Noticeable

Other than the most obvious causes of leaks, like impacts from hail or strong winds that rip off shingles, signs that you have a roof leak in Nebraska could be in hidden areas like the attic space or within walls.

There are several things you can be on the lookout for when you're wondering how good your roof structure is doing. Knowing how things work on your roofing materials can make a difference in how well the roof is being treated by you, the homeowner.

If you believe you're having one of the problems below, it's probably going to be only a short time before your roof is leaking. But more than likely, it already is even if only a tiny bit.

The problem with small leaks is that they continue until they are identified and fixed.

Cracked Shingles Can Cause Roof Leaks

Cracked shingles occur for several reasons. Asphalt shingles in particular can crack over time just due to the sunlight and temperature changes they face every day which is a long term degrading.

They can also crack during impacts from things like hail. Hail damage is one of the most common reasons for roof replacement other than simple age exposure to the weather.

Exposed, Missing or Loose Nails Can Cause Problems

Your roof structure is constantly being exposed to tiny vibrations from within the earth as well as the constant shrinking and expanding due to night and day temperature changes.

All this movement isn't visible but it's still there. While nails and building materials are manufactured to grip and handle these movements, there will always be a time where the materials wear and eventually come loose.

Storms or impacts and such will only increase the likelihood that something will loosen up and a shingle is one of the first things to do so.

Stains on the Roofing Shingles Means Your Roof Needs Inspection

Some manufactured roofing materials may be bleeding through, causing stains on your roof, but more than likely they are being caused by algae growth, mildew, or mold.

In areas where there is foliage overhang from trees, you have perfect conditions to harbor algae growth and mildew or mold due to the debris and shade created by the trees. Debris alone can rot your roofing materials, especially along the edges when the gutters are left full of organic matter.

Algae eats the limestone away on your asphalt and other roofing material types. If you have algae or mildew growing underneath the shingles, it's going to break down the materials much quicker than it otherwise would.

If you have any signs of these types of roofing problems, have a professional roofing inspection done so you can get an idea of what to do about the problem and how long you may have left on your roofing materials before they have to be certainly replaced.

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