How to Find a Leak in Your Home

Nebraska Roofing ContractorLeaks can be deceptive, they aren't always where the damage is showing up, sometimes the inside damage can be eight to ten feet away from the outside source of the leak. Not all leaky roofs require a new roof and the huge investment that it requires. But you want to make sure that if your roof is leaking, don't ignore it. Sure it only leaks when it rains and maybe then only when it rains really hard but if it is leaking at all, you will need to address it as quickly as possible to avoid water damage.

Source of a Leak

Since the source of a leak can be hard to spot, you will either have to go up to the source itself and look or have a professional Nebraska roofing contractor conduct a roof inspection. Since some roofing materials are very fragile to walk on such as concrete or clay tiles, you may want to have someone experienced do the checking for you and avoid doing more damage to the roof.

On older roofs, the cause can be shingles that have expanded or nails that simply worked themselves out and are giving water an entry point into the roof. Another common area is the valley. The valley is where two roof lines intersect. If the shingles are not cut properly, they will act to draw water in instead of away from the roof. You should also check the flashings. If any of your flashings are covered with tar, caulk or roofing cement, you have probably found the source of your leak or at the very least a very poor quality patch job that should be repaired.

You should check all the flashings around plumbing vents, the chimney and the furnace since these are areas that if not properly installed, are prone to leakage. Once you find your leak, you will definitely need a Nebraska roofing contractor to do a proper patch job. You want to find the best roofer possible and once you find at least three, you can schedule a visit and have them inspect the roof and give you an estimate for repairs.

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