ROOF INSPECTIONS for Nebraska Homes

Nebraska Roofing Contractor - Roof InspectionsOur expert Roofing Inspectors will thoroughly inspect your roof structure from top to bottom, both outside the home and inside your attic space. We are experienced, expert roofing specialists who are trained to seek out anything that is or could be a problem during the life of your roof structure.

As fully licensed roofing inspectors, we provide you with a comprehensive 17 point roof inspection that covers many areas of your roof and other areas such as where the roof and siding and walls meet. We are thorough because we understand that you're relying on our information to make decisions about your roof, or possibly even need an experienced Nebraska roofing contractor on your side during an insurance claim process.

Our 17 Point Roof Inspection includes checking for:

  1. Proper shingle overhangs at gutters, and eves.
  2. Measure for, and calculate for proper attic ventilation.
  3. Inspect attic intake vents for blockage.
  4. Interior attic inspection for moisture, or dry rot.
  5. Inspect attic insulation for proper R-Value.
  6. Inspect all storm collars at pipes for proper seal.
  7. Inspect all valleys for cracks, and determination.
  8. Inspect roof for missing shingle granules.
  9. Check gutters, and downspouts for blockage.
  10. Inspect fasten method used from original installation.
  11. Inspect flashings at all walls.
  12. Check for loose shingles.
  13. Inspect seals on shingles to help prevent wind damage.
  14. Inspect all pipe flashings for cracks.
  15. Inspect all Attic vents for holes or cracks detraction.
  16. Inspect all rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot.
  17. Check to see if shingles are curled brittle, or deteriorated.

We spend as much time as you need to understand the condition of your Nebraska home, and the actions necessary to correct the problem. Your report will be fully detailed so you can be sure it's repaired successfully and is reliable for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Common Things Found In Roofing Inspections

  • Poor design and installation
  • Defective materials
  • Destructive weather conditions
  • Previous neglect
  • Building movement
  • Improvements/additions to the existing building
  • Maintenance performed by other contractors (HVAC, Satellite etc.)
  • Foot traffic, vandalism
  • Rooftop contaminants
  • Clogged drains and defective flashings, penetrations
  • Loss of felt or asphalt surfacing, gravel, and aluminum coating
  • Felt erosion or loss of plies
  • Alligatoring and brittleness
  • Membrane damage, such as punctures and cuts
  • Membrane defects, including blisters, splits and ridges
  • Flashings aging, splits, open laps, ratcheting and slippage
  • Poorly sealed flashing terminations.

Roof inspections are useful to homeowners in many ways. They not only help you determine what repairs are needed and when you may need repairs, they're also used by many when filing insurance claims. Whether you have storm damage and need an inspection or you're interested in buying a home and need a professional inspection report, our roof inspectors are ready to assist you.

When you need professional roof inspections, give us a call at Pankonin Roofing at 308-675-0755 or complete our online request form.

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